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It all started as a test to see how hard it would be to create an Asteroids styled game. After a few months it became clear that we wanted to create something original instead. That was the day that Kilnir was born, early January 2017.

The first few months were the hardest, quickly iterating and learning how to make a game but we shortly started figuring it out and got to a level where we had bits of the game ready to play. Now, we're nearing the moment where we'll make our first ever alpha build available to our early subscribers and testers.

Throughout this journey Kilnir was and will remain our Passion Project.


Venture into the vastness of space and explore a procedurally generated space.


Build everything, from ship modules to space stations. Make trades to better your chances.


Join forces with friends and strangers for a better chance at surviving.


Make it as far as possible into the end-game server event.


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